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How to Grow the Easiest House Plant - Monstera!

I hate to admit it, but when I first started my plant journey, I would have been considered a killer in the plant community. Every single green plant that I brought home was dead within the first month. It can be extremely discouraging when you start a new hobby and consistently fail at it. I was ready to give up entirely and go back to fake foliage in the home. Then one day, in the middle of our local plant nursery, the light showed through and I saw her... a baby Monstera Deliciosa. I immediately researched the proper techniques to care for a Monstera and everything I read seemed too good to be true. Article after article read, "Monstera plants are the EASIEST house plants to grow." A couple of months later, I had a beautiful indoor plant that had doubled in size. The moral of the story is, the rumors are true, Monsteras really are the easiest (and in my opinion, the most aesthetically pleasing) plants to grow indoors.

If you're interested in diving into the world of Monstera Deliciosa, check out these tips to help create the perfect atmosphere for your indoor plant beauty!


Lighting is probably the easiest part of the Monstera growing process! Keep the plant out of direct sun, they thrive in the indirect sunlight. It's important to remember that indirect light does not mean no light. Your new plant baby will love being placed by your window or even on your lanai.


Overwatering is the silent killer of indoor plants. To avoid root rot, try to not overwater your Monsetra! Check the soil with your hands in-between watering and allow the top inch or so of the soil to dry out before watering again.


Drainage is very important with house plants. Choose a pot with proper drainage and place a saucer underneath to collect excess water. If you are unable to get a pot with drainage holes, try putting pebbles or rocks at the bottom of the pot to filter through the water. As your Monstera starts to grow, this tropical plant begins to vine! Try purchasing a moss pole and gardening tape to help the process.


Indoor humidity may seem like something you would like to avoid, but for this jungle house plant, the Monstera loves it. To increase humidity for the plant, try misting your foliage with a spray bottle or a mister.

The best way to learn about your Monstera is through interaction with your plant! Enjoy your new house plant and take note of what's working and what's not. Happy planting!

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